Faith Unexpected is a collection of powerful stories of people finding faith in Christ from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. The common theme is this: none of them were looking for faith. For each person it was an unexpected experience, something they never imagined for themselves.

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Encouraging stories. Real people. Not "preachy."

Length: 120 pages. Easy to give away.

A perfect gift for: First-time church visitors, Alpha participants, outreach Bible study groups.

A thoughtful gift for: Friends who are “on the journey” toward God.

Purchase in bulk. Give away liberally!

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About The Author

Rick Mattson

Rick Mattson works as an Apologist for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He travels around the country to college campuses making a case for the Christian faith. In churches, he helps lay people and pastors work through the hard questions of faith, like why bad things happen to good people, how to think about the relationship of Christianity to other religions, and how to have productive conversations with atheists and other skeptics.

Rick makes his home in St. Paul, Minnesota. He's a committed family man (and serious golfer!).